GRYPHON AIR represents a new trend in the aviation industry towards specialist operators.

GRYPHON AIR is a British Aviation company (since 2005), registered in the United Kingdom. The Directors are James Shearing and David Doull.

Our MOTIVATION is to be the best at what we do. We run an aviation business which is very different from most other commercial aviation operators. They will provide general air services; anything from newspaper runs, to tourist charters, to foreign contract work, and they do not specialise in a particular field of expertise. Core to GRYPHON AIR’s existence is its concentration of skills and experience in the field of contract operations. Building on the skills and experience which we have gained over many years of contract flying and management, we aim to enhance those skills and avoid diluting them. We do this by focussing on our core interests.

Our FOCUS is on providing air services in remote and hostile regions. We seek contracts that suit the particular skills and experience which we have.

Recognising that the quality and success of a company depends on its personnel, we are very selective in our recruitment of aircrew and engineers. We require more from our personnel than just the necessary experience to meet insurance requirements, and a good record; we select people who show commitment, interpersonal skills, practicality, and the ability to work as part of a tight-knit and highly motivated team. Operationally we stay focussed through pre-planning, good communications and management systems, applying tactical thinking and working to remove complacency with thorough training.

Our EXPERIENCE is demonstrated in the directorship’s history –

Flying experience in high risk regions of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.
Fixed Wing Air Service implementation, from the concept plan to the setup and the final fine tuning to full operational capacity.
Rotor Wing Emergency Medical Service operational management, marketing, IT management systems and business development.
Operational flying in countries such as Afghanistan and Angola, flight training, development of new operating procedures and tactics as well as safety management systems and quality assurance programs.

Our COMMITMENT is to the client’s mission and the big picture, providing innovative ideas and building capability. We have a clear philosophy of building strong relationships, a culture of safety, a practicality of operation, research into new technologies for service delivery and extensive contingency planning. We want our clients to feel the value of the service that we provide and trust in our ability to always be there to do the job.

GRYPHON AIR strives to trade in sustainable business partnerships. We believe in selling our passion and experience honestly, and we value the ‘word of mouth’ as the best recommendation of our services. We believe in building a solid platform for a trusting relationship through transparency, delivering on promises, and good communication. By making a difference to the client’s role and by providing a high standard of customer service we are confident that the client will feel proud of the service that GRYPHON AIR provides.